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Temporary Access Problems [Resolved]

17:15 - Dear Members, there is a temporary mail access issue we are looking into now. Please bear with us. 17:30 - Identified the problem - working to rectify. Next update within 15 minutes. 17:45 - Subsystem is back online and we are connecting it to the front end now to restore mail access. Next update within 15 minutes. 18:00 - Service restored for about 75% of accounts. Working on the others now and will update again within 15 minutes. 18:15 - servers back online for all users. 18:20 - sorry guys - spoke too soon. One more server to go. 18:55 - sorry for delay updating this. We\'re having to resync the server so I\'m afraid we\'re waiting on that to complete. Will post again within 20 minutes. 19:40 - still waiting on the sync I\'m afraid. Another update in 20 mins or so. 20:20 - last step should be a final reboot. Updating again soon. 20:25 - Servers are up and we are doing final checks before pushing live. 20:30 - we have one server live for mail access but this may work very slowly. Bringing second into cluster shortly. 20:45 - second server coming up. First server coping fine and service is online. Unless there are other issues no further posts to come. Thanks for bearing with us on this. 

Originally Written: 26-Feb-2010 10:59, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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