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Why are some of my emails delayed?

Where most emails are instant, sometimes there can be a delay between an email being sent and being received. There are several different reasons that can cause this, which you can find detailed below.


We use a system called Greylisting to reduce the amount of spam emails that you receive. This can delay delivery of a legitimate email if it is the first time you have received one from that sender/IP address. This delay is usually about 15 minutes, but can be longer depending on the sending server settings. You can read more about the Greylisting process in our help guide here.

To ensure that emails that you want to receive are delivered to promptly to your Inbox, please add all known and trusted email addresses and domains to your Whitelist. You can find a help guide for adding addresses to your Whitelist here.

Antivirus and Spam scanning

Some Antivirus and Spam scanning software can delay Emails from being received. If you are finding emails being delayed, please check any Antivirus or Spam scanning software or plugins you have on your device.

Mail server delays

Emails delays can be caused if a particular mail server has received a large volume of emails. This will cause a queue (similar to rush hour traffic), and email delivery will be slow as the server processes the sending of the emails. This typically doesn’t last long, and email flow will usually go back to normal after the queue has been cleared.

You can check for any known issues via our service news at


If you have any questions about emails being delayed, please contact our helpdesk at