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How do I Blacklist/Whitelist an email?

What are blacklist/whitelists?

  • Blacklists allow you to completely block an email address or domain from coming into your email account.
  • Whitelists allow an email address or domain to always arrive in your email account as sometimes legitimate emails can end up being mark as spam.

If you add a contact or domain to your Blacklist, then email from them will not be delivered to you (unless they are also in your Whitelist). Entries in your Whitelist will always be delivered to your account, even if they are from a blacklisted server (though they are still scanned for viruses).

There are a couple of ways of adding contacts to your Blacklist or Whitelist.

1)  After opening an email from them, you can find these options at the top of the Email. See below for how these appear depending if you are using Old Webmail or New Webmail:

New Webmail


Old Webmail



2)  You can also access your Whitelist and Blacklist from the My Account section. If you click on Anti-Spam Settings, you can manually add email addresses or domains to your Blacklist or Whitelist, and remove any addresses if you need to:


If you have any further issues regarding your blacklist/whitelist settings, please contact our helpdesk at